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Add To Your WishlistTacky Bill - Adhesive Bead Bed

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    The Tacky Bill is an adhesive bead bed that makes beading easy and fun.

    It is a unique and colourful beading accessory. It is made from acrylic and inside the box both the top and bottom areas are covered with an acid-free tacky surface. This is perfect for if you take your stitching with you out and about and for at home too. These are also great when on retreat as you can transport your beads without them falling out everywhere. The two sided snap close case is 4.25 inches square, which makes it small enough to fit inside any project bag to keep everything together when you put your WIP away for the night.

    Assorted Colours - the front and back cover colour or pattern may vary.

    Made in the USA.

    The Tacky Bill is so easy to use. Just pour your beads on and never worry about spilling again. Since they’re ‘stuck’ there, you simply pick up each bead with your needle as you need it. A good place to pour and work with your beads.

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