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Gentle Arts Threads

Gentle Arts Sampler Thread, 6 Stranded Cotton - I,J and K's

Gentle Arts Sampler Thread, 6 Stranded Cotton - I,J and K's

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Gentle Arts Sampler and Shaker Threads - All the I, J and K's

6 Stranded Cotton thread by Gentle Arts Sampler Thread. This section has 

Island Blue, Jasmine and Kiwi.

These are all 5 yard skeins. 

10 yards are available on request, please email

Care Instructions (from the Gentle Arts Website)

Our Sampler Threads™, Simply Shaker Threads™ and Simply Wool ™ are colorfast, meaning that they will not change color when washed, will not fade if kept out of direct sunlight, etc.

Although great care and detail is taken during the rinsing process, there is a slight chance that some surface dye may remain on your individual threads. It may sometimes be difficult to rinse off all the dye that is on the surface of the thread when you dye in large quantities as we do.

If you would like to wash your piece AFTER stitching, we recommend that you could do following only as a precaution.

It is safe to rinse our Sampler Threads™ and Simply Shaker Threads™ in hot water BEFORE stitching. Blot them on a white paper or terrycloth towel to see if there is any residual surface dye remaining. You may repeat this process several times until they rinse clean. Again, the color will not fade. Let the threads dry (it won’t take long) and then stitch. Piece may be gently washed after stitching.


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