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Classic Colorworks

Classic Colorworks - P's & Q'S

Classic Colorworks - P's & Q'S

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Classic Colorworks - All the P's & Q'S

6 Stranded Cotton thread by Classic Colorworks. This section has 

Pansy Purple, Pea Pod, Peach Sherbet, Peanut Brittle, Pebble Beach, Perfect Piecrust, Persimmon, Petite Maison, Pickled Beets, Pine Needles, Pink Champagne, Pink Posey, Pixie Dust, Plum Paisley, Plymouth Rock, Poblano Pepper, Polliwog, Prairie Grass, Prickly Bear, Pumpkin Harvest, Purple Aster, Purple Toile and Queen Bee.

These are all 5 yard skeins. 

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