Happy New Year - My January Plans

Happy New Year - My January Plans

2024 has arrived! The possibilities for the year are endless! In this blog, we will discuss my plans January. A mix of stitching and shop plans.

Shop Plans

This year, when I am at a retreat, I am going to trial making items unavailable on the website for the weekend. This is to reduce the risk of double selling items and then in turn letting people down. The first time I will be trying this is Friday 12th January. At some point in the afternoon, I'll be moving everything to be only available on my app I use when on retreat with my portable till.  I am at the Essex Day Retreat in Stansted on Saturday 13th January. I'll have the items back on the website on Sunday 14th January. I am also at a retreat in Southampton at the end of January but I am not taking my shop there, so the site will stay as usual. However, orders placed while I am away won't be posted until the Tuesday after I am back.

Stitching Plans

January I am using WIPGO and the Full Coverage Challenge set by Coffee Break Stitchers On Zoom. Oh and Round 3 of Myth & Magic Stitch Wars has begun. 

WIPGO is the brain child of Jessie Marie does Stuff, where you have a bingo board of your WIPs and she calls 2 numbers per month. You stitch on those 2 goals either in the month or by the end of year. I give myself the year. You can find the group here. The numbers called for January are 22 and 9. For me this is my first I Dare You SAL project, which is Snow Village by Country Cottage Needleworks. The goal for WIPGO is 500 Stitches. The other project is Sam and Dean and my WIPGO goal for this is 3 towers as I use Royal Rows to stitch this.

The aim for the Full Coverage challenge is to stitch a minimum of 50 stitches everyday on a full coverage project. For me this will be Sam and Dean again. I don't want to have to switch too many WIPS so trying to keep the challenges with what I want to work on. 

Lastly, I haven't been able to finish Into the Jungle in 2023 like I had hoped, so I will be using it to create the ingredients in Myth and Magic Stitch Wars. Hopefully I can make this my first finish of 2024!

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