Weekly Update - 08th October 2018

Weekly Update - 08th October 2018

Welcome to a new week.  So last week I have been adding the new DMC thread to my website and the tins.  You can find them by clicking the picture:

They are very soft and I can’t wait to use them.  

I am also getting ready for the Milton Keynes Retreat which is in just under 3 weeks time.  I have got more stock in for the attendees to look at.  I also make videos for Youtube and you can see my latest update here:


I have been working on the stocking project some more for my daughter.  Here is where I am at with that:

I am aiming to get more done on this, this coming week.  I am hoping to have it finished before the retreat! Will see how that goes as we all know life can get in the way.

Sorry it is a bit short this week, I have been unwell last week so not much excitement happened, oh apart from dog sitting this dude:

He has been a handful and worse than the kids haha.

Hope you all have an awesome week and I will update next Monday.