Progress Update 19/11/2018

Progress Update 19/11/2018

Happy Monday everyone.  

This week I finished my daughter’s stocking! I am so glad it is done.  Just need to get some more felt as the bit that came with it has no room for error and I am not that good.

I am now working on 99 by Ink Circles.  This is going to be a memorial for my Dad who loved his beer.  His favourite Beer is on this piece.  I am going to add his name and year of birth and death and I shall have his picture with it when I get it on my wall.  This is where I am at with it now:

Ink Circles, 99, Marney's Mixed Bag

I have a supplier for Ink Circle charts so if you wish to join me, let me know and I can order it in.

Also this week, I have been sorting out my office/craft space.  This is what it looked like before I started:

And this is it now:

There is still a bit of sorting to do but I have a useable space now and also this means that I can switch off in an evening and spend time with the family.

See you all next week.